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Hi there! Welcome to the pages of GHOST OF DECLINE


11/24/2009 Yeah, I did it! The first Song of GHOST OF DECLINE is finished. Title is "SUBMISSION" and to hear is it under Soundware... enjoy it!


The reason of doing that project is only one: To have hard, depressive, agressive and atmospherical music with a double punch of technology only for MYSELF. There are only a few bands and projects doing this kind of sound, millions of musicians do other stuff like normal Rock, Pop, Metal or Jazz.... (brrr!)

I name it boring, so I realize this kind of music at first for myself.
I like hard and fat guitars and I was an old metalhead, but I love hard and interesting electronic sounds, from industrial, electro body music 'til ambient textures and movie FX. The mixture of hard and fine sounds with something like "rock-compositions",
that's the goal-

People told me, the GHOST OF DECLINE songs are good enough for being released for everybody. O.k. here, under SOUNDWARE is some stuff to hear.

I tried to sell some Demo-CDs but no one want's to buy unknown music. So I give some songs away for free. If you download this material rethink: Someone have had alot of work with it. And it was expensive to buy all needed parts of gear.

Yezz, I am alone. I think it is good. So I can realize my musical visions and dreams via this acousticaland lyrical way and no one will ever tellme, how my music has to sound.

Listen to it and feel it...

Joe P.