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the project tries to show the sinister parts of civilisation and the downfall of society ...


GHOST OF DECLINE was generated in the ruins of the older project CARNIVORA, wich was not really successful in the scene.

Without any promotion, with no support and only one live gig without publicity there was no capability to be an institution in producing hard and atmospherical music.
Joe P. was the founder of the project, wich was started in the end of 1997. Doing this kind of music was a great wish, and with listening to projects like Front Line Assembly, Haujobb, G.G.F.H., Læether Strip, YelworC and so on Joe P. wanted to realize his own project.
Joe tried to get more and more very expensive instruments for his studio, he got all needed know how to use the sequencer, to edit the sounds, to use the audio files and to write the melody lines. So Joe P. realized tons of material over the years, but all this without any lyrix and a voice. The recruitment of the right microphone artist began.
In Joe B. at first he got the singer and frontman for the project Carnivora. This mentioned demo-CD with 12 songs on it was finished, but by only hanging arround and being to lazyness, nothing was dealed, nothing was really ready... Some labels got the demo, but no one wanted to release it in an official kind. The stuff seems to be to complicated for the folks or it was not really produced in a professional style...
Other musical activities of Joe P. grow up. This electronical project shinked to a one man show on his own hard disk drive. This was not the intention...So, some days in autumn 2007 Joe P. wanted to do it as a single person.
Joe P. has a difficult relationship to his own voice, so it is good to clarify, about not using it from the beginning. Then he started his first actions with his own voice. In the beginning of 2008 the name of CARNIVORA also was changed... this was not the same project animore. The new name: GHOST OF DECLINE.


Over the years, Joe P. changed all hardware instruments into software instruments and started to remix the old songs and wrote lots of new tracks and lyrixxx -> the old stuff was very fameless, so the remixes are the best way to get actual titles.
Now, in 2010 Joe wants to finish some songs to have stuff for promotional activities in the scene. At first a music video was finished with older film stuff filmed by a friend somedays 2002. The title of this clip is CORPSE IN THE BACK, a song without lyrix.

Joe decided to write lyrix only slow and to perform more songs only for himself. All stuff should be a gift for interested people. So, all times work for him...